EcoSolarCool Video Testimonial Review 2018 Competition

January 16, 2018


As if money savings from using solar power wasn’t enough, this year EcoSolarCool is offering customers more ways to get money back from using our solar powered products. Here’s how:


Customers that purchased one of these models (ESCR260GE, ESCR355GE & ESCFR410N) between Jan 1, 2017 to Jan 31, 2018 can send in a 2 - 4 minute video testimonial of their purchase. 


If you record a short video testimonial of your installed EcoSolarCool product and send it to us by 11:45pm EDT on February 28, 2018, EcoSolarCool will send you a $25 Amazon Gift-card. 


In addition, the best three videos will be awarded one of the following prizes below: 


1st Place Prize Winner: An EcoSolarCool ESCR260GE 9.2 cu ft (260 Liter) Upright Refrigerator.

2nd Place Prize Winner: $100 Amazon Gift Voucher. 

3rd Place Prize Winner: $70 Amazon Gift Voucher


We plan to use these videos on our social media and other web platforms and so, your entering into this competition gives us the permission to use the videos for general education, learning and marketing.


Now there are some details we would like you to include in your video:


The introduction of the video should  contain your first name (your last name is not required), the city, state and country you are in. NB Your face does not need to be in any of the shots if this is your preference.


The video intro should include what model and size of EcoSolarCool product you have and where it was purchased (e.g. Amazon, EcoSolarCool direct or the dealer name and location).


Mention the date it was purchased and how long you have been using the product (in months).


Tell us where it is being used. For example, your everyday home, a vacation home, RV, cabin, boat etc.


The video should clearly show the EcoSolarCool product and this should include one of the below mentioned models included in this competition (ESCR260GE, ESCR355GE & ESCFR410N).


The video should show the front and interior part of the EcoSolarCool product.


The video must mention the size of solar panel, charge controller and battery bank used to power it. If there is an independent solar system powering just the refrigerator, this should also be mentioned. If the solar system powering the refrigerator is shared and used to power other appliances and loads in the house, this MUST be clearly mentioned as well. If you have not set up the solar system yet and you are currently powering the refrigerator with an EcoSolarCool purchased AC/ DC adapter, this must also be mentioned.


Include in the shot, the connection of the refrigerator to the charge controller, battery bank, solar panel and/or AC/ DC adapter. If an AC/DC adapter is currently being used, say  when you plan to install the solar system.


Give a general overview of your opinion about the product and how it has faired in fulfilling your needs. Feel free to highlight any features of the appliance you most like or find handy. Please be sure to mention, if you feel it was a worthwhile purchase and whether you would recommend it as a purchase to any other customers with similar needs.


The video must not include any profanity and must be child viewing appropriate.


Here are some of the factors we will consider in awarding the amazon vouchers and the 1st to 3rd additional prizes:


Adherence to the requirements of the video mentioned above.

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We ran a similar competition on an older product (now no longer available) a few years back. Here is the video that won 1st prize, which you can use as a guideline. 



You can use your smartphone or tablet to record the testimonial video or if you have a more sophisticated recording device and you would like to be more creative that would be great too.


The easiest way to send your video would be using 

WeTransfer. You can open a free WeTransfer account, upload and send your video file to Alternatively, Android smartphone and tablet users can upload the video to their Google Drive and send it to


Good luck!


EcoSolarCool Team


Terms and Conditions Apply

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